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Why We All Love Matchaisland

Matchaisland is based in Vancouver, Canada, started by a Japanese with his wife pursuing the passion for Matcha along with the desire to spread Japanese culture. Matcha has a deep and ancient connection with a religious ritual ceremony in Japan, we only deliver premium Matcha to the world.

All of our Matcha powders come from its Origin -Uji, Kyoto, Where the first seed of Matcha was planted more than 800 years ago and where the standard Japanese tea processing method was developed. Uji has been the only region in Japan where all kinds of high-grade tea including Matcha, Gyokuro, and Sencha have been produced because of the perfect climate, rich soil quality and topography. Thanks to the farmers in Uji region, high-end grade Matcha is grown with loving care.

We believe our core values of integrity, customer satisfaction, innovation and premium product quality differentiate us from our competitors. We focus on every detail from production, packaging to shipping and customer care.

We strive to bring maximum health value to our customers by providing premium genuine Japanese Matcha that inspires your healthy menu.

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