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The History and Cultivation of Matcha

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What is the History and Cultivation of Matcha?


The History of matcha dates back to the early 600’s  in the Tang dynasty, Chinese used it as medicine to cool the body, cure fever and relive aches in the head and eyes.

Eisai Myoan, an influential Japanese Buddhist monk , also known as the father of Matcha, he was amazed by the health benefits from matcha when he was travelling in China , He brought the matcha seeds with him back to Japan in 1191. Eisai first planted matcha seeds in Kyoto for it’s perfect soil quality and topography. Since then he dedicated the rest of his life teaching Matcha and Zen.

Matcha was first used in religious ritual ceremony in Buddhist monasteries and very quickly favored by the monks because they noticed that in drinking matcha before their afternoon meditations, it enabled them to be more focused, centered, and maintain a level of sustained energy throughout the afternoon which they have never experienced before. It also brought them a greater sense of clarity and well-being benefits. The Samurai warriors saw the remarkable benefits of this ceremonial tea and begun preparing and drinking matcha prior to going into battles for extra sustained energy and metal acuity. The foundation of tea ceremony was laid. However, Matcha was extremely precious and only produced in small quantities back then, only the nobility had access to it. In 1738, Sohen Nagatani developed the Japanese tea processing method that everyone agrees this process makes the best tasting tea and it enables a much more efficient process. This method is still in practice and use today. Sohen began to teach farmers the secret of this processing method. Thanks to his breakthrough, Matcha has became more accessible to the public.


Nowadays, Matcha is used versatility in bakery, snack, smoothie as a healthy source and essential ingredient that everyone loves.


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