My Origin Story

"How did I get here? " 

It was a rainy cold Tuesday night in Canada, I was driving home after a long work day during rush hour traffic. 

 I had this gut wrenching feeling in my stomach, my hand was shaking, I felt I was gonna throw up or pass out. 

I pulled over to the side and tried to think what had just happened but my mind was complete shut off. I wanted to dial somebody for help but I felt a piles of rocks on my shoulders, my arms, my whole body and one single movemen can crashed me. 

And I just sat there in the car, completely overwhelmed and waiting all this to pass.  

As I slowly recover, I was thinking to myself : "How did I get here? " 

I had a good corporate job with lots of growth and years of experience sourcing natural food ingredients. I married the man of my dreams. I had food on the table and roof over my head. 

 It seemed like a very good life for a new immigrant. But, I know how much work and sacrifice, both physically and mentally I put into for this "good life".  

The truth was my energy drained out every day, my mind often drifted off and shut off from time to time.  

And this car incident was a wake up call for me to take care of myself.  

I managed to get home and that night my husband and I decided to take some time off and we booked vacation to go back home Japan.  


My Matcha Journey

During our vacation, we went to Kyoto, Japan, One of my favorite cities in Japan.  
That’s when we “reunited” with matcha as we strolled down those beautiful ancient streets in Kyoto.  
We had been drinking matcha for years but we stopped while we were living in Canada because we couldn't find any good quality matcha in Canada and USA.  
And here we were again, at the birth place of matcha in Japan. We were so excited and stuffed my suitcases full with matcha so we can go back to our matcha lifestyle in Canada.  
We also gifted some to our friends and colleagues and realized a lot of people just like us, they couldn't find any good matcha locally. Any they also saw noticeable results on their overall well being. 
They felt more energetic without the jitters like coffee, they felt more productive after a cup of matcha tea, some lost weight significantly by just adding matcha to their morning smoothie.  
That’s the matcha benefits Japanese have been experience for Centuries.  
So we decided to fill the gap and started working with farmers to get the best matcha out to the world.  

My Happy Place

I feel so grateful that matcha has completely changed my life.  
Not only because it improves my health dramatically, but it also helps me to lead my life in a positive way: 
Live Well, Feel Powerful, Be Mindful.  
I enjoy life more because I am genuinely happy. And happiness can be found in the simplest of things.  
For me, It’s 
A simple bowl of matcha tea in the afternoon. 
A 15 mins meditation break. A smile from one stranger.  
A testimonial from one customer how matcha changes his or her life.
Yes, matcha benefit is miraculous, but true beauty comes from within, true peace comes from within. 
Be kind to yourself and to others. 
Be compassionate to yourself and to others. 
It’ my privilege to share my story with you and I hope it inspires you to lead life in a more positive way.  
With Love,