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How matcha transformed my life.

I have been there.

I used to say these all the time too.

”I am too tired!” 

”I am too busy, I don’t have the time nor the energy for this” 

My husband and I work very hard just like any other immigrants in Canada, trying to build a better life.

I lead a very busy lifestyle, I wanted to achieved so many things, like going to the gym after a busy day at work, learning a new skill, taking care of my family. 

But I always felt exhausted and just physically could not do anything after work, and I would beat myself up mentally for not being to achieve anything. It was a vicious circle and it drains me out.

I know something has to change. I researched some energy drinks or supplements that can boost my energy so I can do more. But I was not convinced by the benefits they claimed not could I find one product that I can truly trust with the risk of my body. And their potential side effects alway put me off.

On the edge of anxiety, I took a break and went back to Japan with my husband, we went to our favorite place in Japan- Kyoto, Kyoto is the city of history and traditional culture. 

As I was walking in Uji city, something really sparks and spoke to me- Matcha. I was a matcha drinker for years, but when I moved to Canada, I couldn’t find any good matcha. So I stopped drinking matcha and had forgotton about it. 

This trip was like a reunion of two long lost friends. I have always love matcha and I know matcha well, this is exactly the type of ”energy drinks” and ”supplements” I am looking for! So I decided to stock up and brought tons of matcha with me back in Canada. Literally 2 full suitcases! 

I went back to my matcha routine in Canada, and it has transformed my life. I have more energy to do and to give for my family. I feel a state of relaxation, a calming mind and mental clarity with the help of matcha. I feel I have reclaimed my life again. 

I started to give out some matcha to my close friends who had constant fatigue, and they saw results on energy boost and weight loss in a short period of time. They always wanted more, I ran out the the stock from my last Uji trip very quickly. So I started to ask around where can I buy authentic matcha in Canada in our local Japanese communities. They said they were also struggling to find some good authentic matcha in Canada or US.

My husband and I decided to fill the gap, not just for the Japanese communities to have easier access to matcha, but also to introduce matcha worldwide so more people can get the health benefits that matcha has to offer.

We went back to Japan and revisited Uji, After months of  plantation field trips, tasting and testing, We have selected the 100% Organic certified pure matcha powder that we love and proud of in Kyoto.

It is truly our greatest pleasure to being able to serve you with our matcha powder from Japan and we take great pride in that.

I love reading your messages and testimonials on how our matcha transformed your body and you life.

It’s your love, your passion that inspire us to achieve more and give more. It’s my mission to build a healthy lifestyle community, both physically and mentally.

If there’s one thing I’ve learned through our journey so far, it’s you can not give if you are empty.  As the famous quote goes ”you can’t pour from an empty cup”. 

Charge yourself fully so you can give more to your love ones. Taking good care of yourself is the best gift you can give to your family.

With Love,





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