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✔️Matcha Guide E-Book

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Feed Your Body & Mind With Matcha Awesomeness.

Boost Your Overall Health, Inside and Out, in a Natural Way.

Boosts Natural Energy

Matcha is grown under the shade which gives the leaves L-Theanine that can enhance good and clean energy without any side effects. 

Supports Weight Loss

Matcha helps burn calories and fire-up metabolism to help curb hunger, shed excess pounds, and feel lighter!

Anti Aging

Matcha contains Chlorophyll - a natural detoxifier to help remove heavy metals and chemicals from the body, fights off disease and maintain the skin's youthful appearance.

Fortifies Immune Health

Packed with high amounts of antioxidants, 1 cup of matcha can become your daily protection against unwanted baddies, and keep you going strong!

Cancer Prevention

Matcha is full of powerful antioxidants, It contains a specific set of organic compounds known as Catechins. EGCG is widely recognized for its cancer fighting properties and it makes up 60% of the Catechins in Matcha. 

Calm the mind

Matcha was first used in religious ritual ceremony in Buddhist monasteries before their afternoon meditations because it enabled them to be more focused,  calm and better concentration.

Awaken Your Inner Warrior.

Live Well, Feel Powerful, Be Mindful.

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